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2017 Lodge Goals

  1. Distribute monthly correspondence in the form of a newsletter for the sole purpose of informing the entire lodge membership of lodge happenings, under the management of the Communications Committee.
  1. Update and approve the 2018 lodge calendar and prepare for distribution by the April LEC meeting.
  1. Appoint an event chief and approve a budget for all scheduled lodge events three LEC meetings in advance. In addition, check the status of said events, starting three LEC meetings in advance.
  1. Establish a membership committee to create a NIMAT program and to lead efforts to improve membership retention by May LEC meeting.
  1. [DONE] Under the direction of the Communications Committee, create and utilize a mass text messaging system by August LEC meeting.
  1. Encourage chapters to bring one new Arrowman and improve chapter participation at lodge events through a rewards system to be approved by the June LEC meeting.
  1. [DONE] Provide teams of Arrowmen to visit every unit by March 1, 2017, to conduct summer camp promotions, unit elections (if applicable), and distribute informational packets to unit leader/troop representatives.
  1. Host a meeting with the newly inducted Arrowmen and their parents after each ordeal to explain the principles of going through the Ordeal and the significance of membership in the OA.
  1. Have 70 Arrowmen from Mawat Woakus Lodge registered for Conclave 2017 (staff/attendees).
  1. Evaluate current trading post inventory and approve the design of any new merchandise by February LEC meeting.
  1. Research the benefits of implementing an annual event pass and the profit margins gained and present results by September LEC meeting.

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