2018-2019 Lodge Election Results

On Sunday, September 9, 2018, Mawat Woakus Lodge held their annual business meeting at Camp Berry during the Fall Fellowship event that took place. With Section C-6B Section Chief Will Monroe present as the moderator, the lodge business meeting resulted in a group of Arrowmen who will lead the lodge for the next year.

Though their terms do not officially begin until the conclusion of the Lodge Leadership Development event in November, these gentlemen have shown themselves to be worthy of election into a lodge officer position.

The offices being taken on are not easy offices, either. They require time and energy to put on an impressive program for the Arrowmen of Mawat Woakus Lodge. Congratulations to all lodge and chapter officers for the 2018-2019!

Lodge Officers:
Lodge Chief – Trevor Wurth
Lodge Vice Chief of Administration – Andrew Borkosky
Lodge Vice Chief of Program – Raymond Brumbaugh
Lodge Treasurer – Jonathan Baker
Lodge Secretary – (vacant)

Chapter Officers:
AW Chapter Chief – (vacant)
CH Chapter Chief – (vacant)
GO Chapter Chief – Nick Meyer
OS Chapter Chief – Seth Goodwin

If you are interested in being a lodge officer or chapter officer, please reach out to us by contacting lodgechief@mawatwoakus.org or attending any lodge event. A lodge officer nomination form is still required, and the election will take place at an LEC meeting once everything can be scheduled, but if helping Scouters, Arrowmen, and many communities all over Northwest Ohio interests you, please contact us as soon as possible. Your dedication and service will have a profound impact on many people.

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