The Communications Committee is the committee responsible for bringing the lodge’s communications and multimedia to you in a uniform fashion. With this, there are standards that have to be upheld, as outlined by the National Order of the Arrow, and we are constantly working to make sure that those standards are either being upheld or being improved so that they can be upheld.

The Communications Committee also upholds the branding guidelines set forth by the National Order of the Arrow, which is reflected into The Fox Den, as well as various aspects of the website. For branding resources and guidelines, click here.

Communications Committee ChairmanMatthew Ayers
Communications Committee AdviserBrady Kohlenberg

The Communications Committee manages all content put forth on the website, regulates all social media activity concerning our lodge, and reviews The Fox Den before it is distributed.

Click the links below to access the latest issue of The Fox Den. Previous additions will be added soon.

The Fox Den – January 2017
The Fox Den – April 2016
The Fox Den – May 2016
The Fox Den – January 2018
The Fox Den – Spring 2018

 Click the links below to access our monthly LEC meeting reports.

February 2019 Communications LEC Report
March 2019 Communications LEC Report

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