Communications Initiatives

As an important part of communications, the Communications Committee is committed to providing easy ways for Arrowmen to find out about lodge events.

Below are any initiatives we have in motion, with ways you can help. Your help defines the cheerful service that makes this website and our lodge functional.

Pink Links

What is it with all of the pink links going around on the website?

The Communications Committee has recently begun the process of transforming the website to be an easy-to-read website for everyone who visits it. Part of this has to do with the less fortunate portion of the population who is color blind.

The National Order of the Arrow has specific colors that must be used for branding purposes, and are accessible in the sidebar on the right side of this page (or at the bottom for mobile users), and as a result, red on red can be difficult to read. This is why, after doing some testing with simulators, pink has been chosen for a color to use for links on all of the pages of the website.

How can I help? Just go to any of the pages on this website, and if you see a link that is in red, please let us know. Send an email to  with the link of the page that is in question, and the issue will be resolved within 2-3 business days. Thanks for your help with our initiatives!!

For further information about color blindness online, please visit these links: