Induction Weekend Information

Locations for our Induction Weekends:

Fall 2019: August 9-11, 2019

Check-in: Friday 7:30 p.m.

Check-out: Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Questions? Concerns? Contact us at

Registration link active for Fall 2019.

Congrats on being called out! You have only one last thing to do before becoming a member!

Disclaimer: You may only attend the Fall Induction Weekend in the year that you were called out. If you are attending the Spring Induction Weekend, you may only do so the spring following the year that you were called out.


If you were elected and called-out in the last camp season, this is your chance to confirm your membership. You will become a member of the Order of the Arrow during the Induction Weekend! To ensure that you enjoy your weekend, please bring the items listed and register online with $45 payment. We look forward to your arrival!


We need your help at the Induction Weekend. Do you remember your Elangomat that helped you through your Induction Weekend? Well, now we are calling on you to be an Elangomat and help out the newest members of our Lodge! Sign up by registering online with $20. Don’t forget the items listed! We hope you join us in inducting our new members!

What to Bring:

  • Boy Scout Physical (Parts A, B & C)
  • Class A Uniform
  • Work Clothes & Extra Pair of Shoes
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ground Cloth or Tarp
  • Clothes (dress for the weather- 2 changes)
  • Toiletries & Towel
  • Flashlight
  • Water Bottle
  • Rain Gear
  • TENT

Frequently Asked Questions

Scouts and leaders elected as candidates have two opportunities to go through their Induction Weekend. These are in fall and spring.  If you have been called out, you should receive a letter/email about a month before each function with the specific dates and costs. If you have not received your letter, you can call the Scout Office, ask any OA member, or contact an Executive Committee member by going to the Lodge Leadership page on this website.

Each candidate has exactly one year of eligibility from the date of their ceremony. Hence, after that date, you must be elected again, assuming you still meet the election eligibility requirements.

After you have completed your Induction Weekend, you will have the opportunity to shop at the trading post, meet your fellow lodge members, and go through the “OA Fair” on Sunday morning.

The Induction Weekend is going to be held regardless of weather conditions. The only exception is if the weather will be severe enough for the event to be canceled. In the case of severe weather, a mass email will be sent out to all registered participants and staff.

Since this is part of our Induction process, we prefer that those eligible for the OA go into the Induction Weekend not knowing what events take place during the weekend, as they are significant to understanding the core principles of the Order of the Arrow.

If you are a concerned parent and would like to know about the events that take place during Induction Weekends, you can contact the Lodge Adviser by going to the Lodge Leadership page.

The fee to attend an Induction Weekend as a “Candidate” is $45.00. This fee includes the following: first-year membership dues, new ordeal sash, current lodge flap, current OA handbook, four meals, and one cracker barrel.

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Have you paid this year's dues?

Dues help our lodge to function properly and allows you to attend all of our events, such as Winter Banquet, Fall Fellowship, and Fellowship Nights. Please pay your dues to be considered an active member in our lodge.