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Order of the Arrow Brotherhood Requirements

So you are probably sitting there wondering how to become a brotherhood member. Do not fear, you are not the only arrowman pondering this question. In order to achieve brotherhood, you must do the requirements listed below. Brotherhood ceremonies take place at most lodge events. These events include Induction Weekends, Fall Fellowships, Summer Camp, and now at select Craft Nights.

(Note: When you intend to become a Brotherhood Member at any of the events listed, please bring $15.00 to cover the cost for a Brotherhood Sash.)

1. Advance in your understanding of the Induction Weekend. Gain a thorough understanding of the Induction Weekend through which you have passed.

2. Serve your unit. Retain your registration in Scouting. During a period of at least 10 months, strive to fulfill your Obligation by continuing and expanding your service to your own troop or team.

3. Plan for service in your Lodge. Retain your registration in your Order of the Arrow Lodge and keep your dues paid. Be aware that acceptance of Brotherhood membership involves a pledge of service to the lodge. Develop a concrete idea of how you plan to fulfill this pledge.

4. Review your progress. When you earnestly feel that you have met the four challenges above, write a letter to your lodge secretary. In this letter:

a. Explain what you think the Obligation means.

b. Describe how you have been fulfilling this obligation in your troop or team and in your daily life, and how you have used you understanding of the Induction Weekend to aid in this service.

c. Describe your specific plans for giving service in the lodge program.

For more information and help, visit the OA Jumpstart page.