X Ordeal

Mawat Woakus Lodge welcomes you to the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s National Honor Society. You will be joining other Scouts who have also been selected by a vote of scouts in their respective troops. Like you, they are looking for more avenues of new and exciting activities. If you have not attended the Ordeal weekend yet, please visit our Inductions page for more information.

Mawat Woakus wants you to take this opportunity and do everything you can to benefit from this recognition given to you by your troop. Since the OA is a service organization, you will have the opportunity to provide service to Black Swamp Area Council and your troop. But in return, you will have the opportunity to attend special events, to learn to make Native American regalia at our craft nights, and be given new leadership opportunities in scouting.

Activities that you can become involved in:

Events – Ordeals, Conclaves, Pow Wows, Winter Banquet,  Fellowhip Nights, and more!

Service – Ordeal Elangomat, Camporees, Camp Promotions, and more!

Various Committee’s– Website Committee, Specific Event Committee’s, and more!

American Indian Activities (AIA) – You can learn to make Native American regalia, learn to build crafts like chokers and head-dresses, learn Native American dances or play the drum for the dancers. This Includes Dance Team, Ceremony Team, and Drum Team.

How To Become An Active OA Member

-Read your OA handbook
The handbook has a wealth of information about the Order of the Arrow and what you can do to serve and have fun.

-Volunteer to be your Troop OA Representative
This is a position that can be used for rank advancement.

-Attend lodge meetings
Lodge Executive Meetings (LEC) usually take place after or during an OA event. Contact any LEC member for the current dates