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Welcome to Mawat Woakus Lodge #449



2018 Lodge Goals

  1. Earn Gold status in Journey to Excellence.
  2. Determine and obtain enough members per committee to work efficiently by the April LEC.
  3. Utilize and create resources to expand existing camp promotion efforts to every troop in the council by the May LEC.
  4. Increase lodge event participation by five percent compared to the previous year’s events.
  5. Experience membership growth from the previous year by September 2018.
  6. Create new event management resources and procedure to better execute lodge events.
  7. Strengthen working relationships with council and district staff and key volunteers by the June LEC meeting.
  8. Create a yearly budget and review the financial standing of the lodge at each LEC meeting starting at the Jan. LEC meeting.
  9. Assist chapters in increasing chapter meeting/event attendance by one per function.
  10. Utilize new platforms for communicating Lodge events and information to Arrowmen by the beginning of June 2018.

JTE Update:

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Fundraising Ideas:

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