About the Lodge

Welcome to Mawat Woakus Lodge

Our lodge is made up of several committees to deliver our program to you. Below is a list of our committees:

  • AIA
  • Communications
  • High Adventure
  • Membership
  • National Events

2019 Lodge Goals

  1. Update and approve the 2020 lodge calendar by the April LEC Meeting for distribution during the 2019 summer camp season
  2. Appoint an event chief and approve a budget for all scheduled lodge events four months out from the event. In addition, continuously check the status of events.
  3. Use proper project management, through backdating, for each event of the year, including an event close out report and budget
  4. Host a meeting with the newly inducted and their parents or guardians at the conclusion of each ordeal to explain the principles of going through the ordeal and the significance of membership in the OA
  5. Evaluate and inventory current trading post and approve the design of any new merchandise by March LEC meeting.
  6. Increase each event’s participation as compared to previous year’s attendance
  7. Make all lodge and chapter officers and committee members continuously aware of their expectations and responsibilities to facilitate an environment of cooperation.

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Fundraising Ideas

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2019 goals

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