Fall Fellowship

September 6-8, 2019 at Camp Lakota

Once again, Mawat Woakus Lodge is hosting Fall Fellowship!  Our theme this year is Hawaiian Luau. However, this event is not similar to your induction weekend. The Order of the Arrow is not all about little food and hard work. Fall Fellowship is all about fellowship and FUN! We will have plenty of food, talking, and entertainment. At Fall Fellowship each arrowmen works  together with other arrowmen in his chapter/district to fight for the spirit stick known as the “Tahaken” (Tuh-HAWK-in). At this year’s Fall Fellowship for Mawat Woakus, we have plenty of games and activities (and food) for all who attend. Before all the fun is over, everyone can participate in the Crazy Auction. The Crazy Auction has nearly every kind of crazy item known to Arrowmen.  However, you can only bid with the Woakus Bucks, that you win from participating and attending Fall Fellowship. The fun begins at 7pm on Friday, and goes all weekend until 11am on Sunday. So that we know how much food to get, please register by clicking on the link above.

Near the end of the weekend, each chapter will be participating in the annual lodge business meeting, where each chapter will be voting on lodge and chapter positions. If you would like to run for a lodge position, fill out the form HERE and bring it to Fall Fellowship.

What Do I Bring To This adventure?


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Dues help our lodge to function properly and allows you to attend all of our events, such as Winter Banquet, Fall Fellowship, and Fellowship Nights. Please pay your dues to be considered an active member in our lodge.